How does it work?

  • 1. First, I scour the internet for flight deals with some tools I've built and find the very best deals available all across the world.

  • 2. I email the best results to the Go Anywhere Club once a week, unless I find an incredible deal then maybe twice. I have a no bullshit, no spam policy.

  • 3. You find out there's some crazy cheap tickets to Scandinavia and it jumps to the top of your list and so you go and have the best time ever and meet your spouse, or something.

Hong Kong Travel

Saved $540
flying to Hong Kong

"Loved how much I saved flying to Hong Kong, I even got to see Seoul on my way home"

Jen P. - Minneapolis, USA

Gold Coast, Australia

Saved $690
flying to New Zealand

"Thanks so much for showing me the light! I never thought I could afford to get to New Zealand"

Steve - Boston, USA

Who am I?

Hey! I'm Colin.

I have a terrible habit of constantly looking up flights. Sometimes it gets too tempting, so I've decided to share that with others instead. When I'm not going somewhere new I work as a software developer in Chicago. I made the Go Anywhere Club because I love the adventure of finding cheap flights as it's an invitation to explore a place I may not have enough thought of and still be kind to my bank account or save more money for adventures and beers when I get there.

I've lived in several different countries and have been to nearly 30 countries, along the way I caught on to some pretty great tactics for finding cheap flights. I once traveled from Chicago > London > Amsterdam > Kuala Lumpur > Melbourne for under $800 with time to explore each city.

My friends were always asking me if I could help find them cheap flights and I've been able to help them save hundreds of dollars to travel the world and now I'm inviting whoever wants to join the club so they too can find cheap flights to go anywhere.

Dana C - Philadelphia, USA

Saved $430 on a flight to Peru

Works for all kinds of lifestyles

The Go Anywhere Club brings exclusive deals
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